Discover the new Star 4-stroke, a totally new and innovative scooter with an unrivalled style. 

The scooter is one of the most ecological friendly in the world,  it unites the best in engineering innovations with an unmistakable style. LML Star creates a new benchmark and design in the frame (chassis), in the engine and other elements creating new standards for safety, reliability and comfort.

Here are some of the innovations that characterize the new Star 4 stroke. The 4 stroke Star is totally unique in its frame configuration; innovative structure of welded steel pipes that go to integrate to the sheet metal body configuration, bringing the following innovations:

    Torsion rigidity  which is far superior than  ever before
    Engine well positioned on the frame for stability
    Adoption of an engine support system with silent-block (Pro Link Mechanism) to connect frame with  engine
    Great power brakes
    New suspension system.

This revolutionary structure improves considerably the drive, thanks to enhanced stability, absence of vibrations and oscillations, and gives excellent comfort, stability, safety and driving pleasure.


The performance is superb, with a maximum power of  5.84 kW to 6000 RPM for 125cc.
Entirely researched and developed by LML this scooter has low CO2 emission level, low cost of maintenance and reduced fuel consumption; the new Star 4 stroke succeeds to give up to 60 kilometres with 1 litre of gasoline.

LML and environment care

LML gives particular attention to the eco-friendliness.
With the new Star 4 stroke, LML adopts a proactive and responsible attitude towards the environment, by containment of emission (Star 125cc, CO = 1.66 gms / km. HC = 0.21 gms / km**) also giving excellent fuel consumption:  with just one litre of gasoline, the new Star 4 Stroke reaches up to 60 Km with a running cost which is extremely advantageous.